Monday, June 23, 2014

The Young Adult Novels of Moonrise Kingdom

Ever attentive to every design detail, film director Wes Anderson created a set of six fictional young adult novels, each with its own distinctive style, for Moonrise Kingdom.  They belonged to the main character Suzy Bishop, a 12-year old girl who loves reading.  When she runs away from home, she packs her suitcase with a bunch of library books.  I think most people who were once bookish kids can relate to this impractical but unavoidable choice!  In fact, I still can't help myself from over-packing books when I travel.  These books are super reminiscent of the tatty, plastic-covered books with cheesy/creepy illustrated covers that I would get from my local public library as a child.  I can still hear the crinkle of the cellophane covers and feel the intense excitement about reading a new or favorite book from the library.  Also check out the wonderful video at the bottom of this post, which gives summaries and even animated scenes for each of these fictional novels.  Wes Anderson did an extraordinary job of capturing the content, style, and design of the young adult novels of the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  These books really remind me of real books that I read as a kid.  

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