Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bibliofashion: Out of Print Clothing Great Gatsby Necklaces

I love this take on those necklaces that kids share with their best friends.  Remember them?  They're usually a heart that's cracked down the middle and one pendant says "Best" and the other says "Friends".  Out of Print made this bookish version based on Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.  Instead of making a heart, when you put the "cracked" pendants together, you get an egg.  One pendant says "West" and the other "East."  Get it?  West Egg and East Egg, as in the two towns in the novel, populated, respectively, by the Nouveau Riche and Old Money.  When you flip the pendants over, they say "Jay" (West Egg) and "Daisy" (East Egg).  Share this one with your best bookish friend.

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