Thursday, April 9, 2015

Review: Milk Bar Life by Christina Tosi

Okay, so how much do I love this cookbook?  It is the most playful, joyful, and fun cookbook I have ever read.  The cover offers a good sense of what this book is like inside.  I really enjoyed Christina Tosi's first cookbook, Milk, which included recipes for all of the brilliant, delicious, genius junk food from NYC's Milk Bar snack shops.  That book was incredibly fun to look at and read, but I am not likely to make almost anything from that book, since the recipes are a bit complicated and often include ingredients that I don't have around.  That's not to say these recipes are impossible, but I am not the best cook, and I'm also a bit lazy.  Milk Bar Life includes mostly recipes that are easier to make and include more everyday ingredients.  This book is full of bizarre, trashy, fun, often easy recipes for childish (and I mean that in the best way) junk food that is party-perfect.  Unlike Milk, it includes an equal amount of sweet and savory recipes.  The photos are great and colorful, as is the layout and cookbook design.  It's great fun!

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