Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Melville House Bartleby the Scrivener "I Would Prefer Not to" Tote Bag

The brilliant indie book publisher Melville House has made put the quote that is my life philosophy (and that of many a bibliophile) onto a sturdy and useful (see below) tote bag.  Polite resistance or pure laziness?  Either way, I'm a fan.  Thanks, Bartleby (and Melville)!  Buy this perfect tote here for $15.

From the Melville House website: 
"A random list of things you can carry in the new, improved bag:
  • A good chunk of the Art of the Novella Series
  • An entire baby
  • A complete French bulldog
  • Two full-sized cats, or eight to ten kittens
  • Hundreds of pencils sharpened by David Rees
  • Approximately 20 Criterion DVD’s (untested)
  • Diapers
  • A waffle iron
  • 33 lbs of wheat grain
  • A smarter pair of shoes
  • A huge wad of carrots
  • Sixteen flutes (standing vertically)
  • Differing amounts of rocks, depending on size
  • Seven squirrels (Maybe eight, but that could be dangerous)"

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